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Our Mission


Triton is committed to integrating livestock supply chains and maximising value for supply chain members. As part of that commitment, we provide our customers easy-to-use, highly automated solutions that are changing the way livestock supply chains operate for the better.



About Triton


Triton supplies easy-to-use Precision Livestock Farming solutions, aiming to increase profitability, quality assurance and traceability for red-meat producers and processors. Our highly automated solutions provide valuable management intelligence, which helps you cull your worst performers and get the most out of your best performers.

In the past 30 years, Triton has created a leading position among meat processors with a comprehensive solution offering in this space. This ensures that kill-out data is often included in the intelligence passed back to the Precision Livestock Farming service. Whether you are a breeder, producer, feedlot, agent, saleyard or any other party in the red-meat sector, Triton can help you Maximise value in the livestock supply chain.


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