PLF uses data to help farmers make better, more profitable decisions about their flocks and herds. By automatically and continuously monitoring animal health, production and processing in real-time, the service provides the information necessary for producers to better manage their farms.

Here are some ways the service resolves livestock farming challenges:

Case 1: Maximising Revenues on a Size-Constrained Farm

If your farm size is limited, you’re left with two ways to increase revenues:

1) Maximise KGs per ha

2) Improve quality and consistency of the stock, so that more KGs earn top dollars by hitting the price grid’s sweet spot

Triton’s PLF allows producers to pursue both strategies with only minor investment of time and resources. The tool allows KGs per ha to be maximised by capturing and analysing the data you need to easily and accurately reduce waste through precision culling:

  • Poor or non-reproducing stock is identified
  • High mortality blood lines are detected
  • Slow growing newborns can be pinpointed
  • Kill-out data points to other animals that may need to be culled

Case 2: Making the Most of your Weighing and Drafting Equipment

You may be already using advanced weighing and drafting equipment, but the way the technology works now, these systems can only be used to create mobs and show average weight. Only by adding additional labour, can you collect data per animal.

Triton’s PLF transforms drafters into superior sorting machines: You can draft on weight, growth, condition score, reproduction rates, health and many other variables (up to 200). All data is captured automatically and stored in the cloud in real-time. Read more about our ConnectBox here.

For example, with PLF, one person can run animals through the drafter and then they are done. All weights, and any other of the 200 plus attributes you can select by animal (e.g. medication amount and type given) are automatically added to the animal record and database in real-time.

That means one person can weigh 600 sheep per hour. No need to take notes, or pull out the indicator. When the weighing is done, the information is already available on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Case 3: Gathering Useful Information with Limited Labour Hours

Knowing critical data about your herd is key to running a profitable farm. Triton PLF makes collecting this information a breeze. For example, users can administer treatments per head or per mob from their handheld device. Triton PLF automatically updates your medication administration and allows you to easily uphold withdrawal periods. This way you comply with essential quality assurance principles and at the same time develop a deeper insight into the overall health of a herd.

NLIS (Australia) and/or NAIT (New Zealand) reporting is taken care of automatically.

Case 4: Improving Margins

Most beef, lamb, pork and deer producers know that their product is a commodity. Once processed, it is not different from what the neighbours are producing.

Producers are therefore confronted with small margins. To improve margins, you can choose one or more of the following strategies:

  • Reduce cost of production
  • Increase productivity (KG per AE or per hectare)
  • Differentiate product and add value

Triton PLF allows producers to use all three strategies without adding significant labour hours. With all the information the system allows you to collect and analyse, making profitable livestock management decisions is much easier. Plus, you can learn the results of your choices, which leads to further improvements over time.





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