The handheld connected reader (HCR) makes data capture a breeze. It’s a weatherproof smartphone with a built-in RFID reader. A simple-to-use, intuitive touch screen guides the user through various data capturing options. Over 200 different attributes can be recorded for each animal.

The HCR transmits all that data directly to the cloud via GSM or Wi-Fi. Each animal’s secure record is instantly updated and the information is ready to be retrieved when you’re back at your desktop PC – or from your smartphone or tablet. No more memory sticks or docking your recording device to upload information.

In case you farm in an area with scant mobile coverage, the HCR has an on-board database which stores information. When the device is back in range, your data is automatically uploaded.

The HCR also lets you download and modify the record of any animal in your holding. This is very convenient for tending sick animals or weaners who’ve lost their mother. cloud-based record It’s also possible to download drafting data, which helps identify animals that need to be culled.



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