Each producer has an on-line farm account. This account is akin to an Internet banking account in that it can be securely accessed from any device connected to the Internet such as your PC, tablet or smartphone.

After logging in, the user is provided an overview of their flock/herd. From here, the user can zoom in to see specific information, such as an individual animal’s cloud-based record, or query for all animals with certain attributes – weight, progeny, health, reproduction, etc. Triton’s PLF can record more than 200 of these attributes for each animal.

The cloud-based software collects data from the handheld connected reader (HCR) via the cloud in real-time, processes it and generates information that enables better livestock management decisions.

For example, when an animal is being weighed, the RFID and weight are uploaded in real-time to the cloud. The second time it’s weighed, the user can see its growth rate. Or when a drug treatment is applied, the software ensures a warning is issued if a transport is created during the withholding period.

In this way, the 200+ attributes are used to generate rich information that supports producers in eliminating waste, improving yields and providing livestock that better meets market requirements. This information can be used to reduce cost of production, enhance productivity and create traceable and transparent differentiation.

Triton has invested heavily in ease-of-use. Wherever possible, data capture is automated (e.g. during weighing and drafting) so producers can know much more about their stock with far less effort. PLF also takes care of all NLIS reports, saving considerable labour hours in administrative tasks.



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