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Triton Releases Two Innovative Livestock Management Products


Both products help producers and processors maximize value in the livestock supply chain


After two years of careful preparation, Triton has released two highly innovative products to addres the livestock supply chain. The first products is called Triton PLF. This is a Precision Livestock Farming product, which is offered as a very easy to use service. It collects data per animal and processes this into information which producers can use to cull underperformers and focus on overperformers. The second product is Livestock Manager, which is a full supply chain management suit for processors.

"Producers and processors will both benefit from improved information" says Michael Burke, CEO of Triton. "For example, sheep farmers are land constrained. Yet the difference in KGs per hectare between average and top producers is more than a factor 2. Triton's PLF helps producers increase KGs per hectare dramatically. This boosts producer as well as processor profitability."

For more information on Precision Livestock Farming and Livestock Manager for Processors please contact our Customer Solutions team Australia 1300 558 438 and New Zealand +64 3 3483 973




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