Studies by MLA, Sheep CRC Armidale and research institutes around the world have shown that producers using precision farming (employing data to better manage their farms) can improve their bottom line by up to 40%.

By collecting data per for each individual animal, it is possible producers can optimize farming practices to:

  • Produce more KGs of meat with less input
  • Enhance livestock consistency and quality
  • Have more KG's hit the grid's sweet spot
  • Cull hidden expenses of poor performing stock
  • Improve herd health
  • Benefit from heat-to-meat traceability

Triton’s PLF service makes it very easy to collect individual animal data. Our handheld connected reader (HCR) scans each animal’s RFID and automatically feeds additional data about that animal to your farm’s records. Data collection for all phases of livestock production is now automated. You save time and can easily query data with a click of a button, to learn how well your animals are growing and reproducing, what practices are leading to the best results and more.

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We offer PLF as a service, so you do not need to buy, install or maintain any software. Just subscribe to the service and enjoy the benefits.

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