Livestock Intelligence


PLF Benefits

  • Measure and improve genetics
  • Increase reproduction rates
  • Reduce mortality
  • Produce more kilograms per hectare
  • Reduce costs of fodder and supplements
  • Improve farm quality assurance
  • Reduce labour content

Triton’s Precision Livestock Farming helps you improve reproduction rates, reduce cost of production, optimize productivity, and deliver transparent and verifiable product differentiation.

The results are staggering: Up to 40% higher profits, year after year.

Triton enables all this by letting you collect and analyse critical data about individual animals. Producers and feedlots maintain a cloud-based record for each animal. On delivery to the abattoir, processors add kill-out data. With a mouse click, users see which animals perform best and worst.

Triton PLF is very easy to use. It features intuitive menus on a weatherproof, rugged handheld RFID scanner with a large touch screen. Quickly capture data and immediately upload to the cloud – no need to sync through cables or cradles. The information is viewed in a secure yet easily accessible online account.



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