Boning, Packing & Automation


This highly configurable and flexible labelling solution allows plants to automatically control quality and optimise production yield based on vast product data fields. Boning, Packing & Automation modules provide an all-encompassing, centralized platform for reading and adapting to market requirements and eliminate the need for multiple, overlapping databases and systems in the boning and packaging rooms.

Pack & Carton Manager

Pack and Carton Manager records and labels cuts, bulk cartons, catch weight cartons and bulk bins, supporting all market and regulatory requirements of retail, food service and export markets. Supplied to fit your specific plant requirements, it can be easily modified as needs change and your business grows,  protecting your investment.


Into Bone

Into Bone captures carcase characteristics from the slaughter process. Details include unique identity, carcase grade characteristics and hot weight along with cold weight into the boning room, enabling you to automatically match boning specification to output and to maintain accurate traceability.



This flexible, intuitive module allows plants to set up a fully automated process that’s also precisely designed to catch products outside specification so managers and packers can resolve issues quickly.


Validation Manager & Destination Manager

Validation Manager controls the path and validation of every carton at every step as it leaves the packing area. Destination Manager reads product code to direct carton along conveyor to sort cartons, onto correct conveyor line or into freezer.




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