Grading & Traceability


By streamlining the process through slaughter, chillers, and into processing or load-out, Triton’s Grading & Traceability tools allow you to maximise labour and efficiency savings. The system allows managers to reliably and consistently capture extensive data through the entire slaughter process,providing greater visibility into your plant’s operation.


Weigh Grade

Weigh Grade is a highly configurable solution built like an information conveyor belt. It systematically adds data to individual kill agenda records and tracks each animal from the yards all the way through the slaughter process. Access real-time displays of production progress and predicted throughput requirements from plant or office. Use manual grading or objective grading to eliminate errors inherent with human choice.


Skid Track

Skid Track allows you to easily trace each animal back to its source and ensure precise traceability is maintained throughout the plant. Though it works with all stock sizes, the solution is ideally suited to small-stock plants, where high throughputs create special challenges for maintaining traceability.


Hide/Skin Manager

Hide/Skin manager allows managers to establish unique grading criterion and sort hides/skins by like-grade pallets. Information then flows to other Triton FUSION modules to eliminate duplication of data and increase efficiency. Hide/Skin Manager provides on-floor redundancy, and real-time data and reports.



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