Streamline information flow from livestock receipt to kill agenda and then post-kill to farmer feedback and payments. Livestock Manager’s two modules enable automated, centralised tracking of all items required for lot costing and farmer feedback, including purchase type, agent/buyer commissions, region/supplier grade scores, pelts/skins, offal retained, and credit meats retained.


Lot Manager

Lot Manager ties booking and receipt processes into the kill agenda, providing comprehensive inventory of all animals on the plant. The flexible solution can be mob or individual-animal RFID based, and it allows yard, NLIS and supplier status to be incorporated, enabling meaningful market checks prior to slaughter.


Livestock Costing

Manage livestock purchase and payment cycles, while automatically factoring in all the variables required to accurately remunerate suppliers and invoice for service kill fees. Livestock Costing conveniently centralizes payments from one location and eliminates the need to manually collate info from multiple sources.



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