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Sales Order Manager
Main Benefits

  • Holds complete customer sales and price history
  • Reports customer and product margins, inventory position valuation, Stock on Hand, & Stock Available
  • Enables load outs to be scanned to specific order targets
  • Logs customer sales and price history
  • Ensures load outs are scanned to order
  • Allows combined inventory view by plant

Without integration between systems across the business, it’s difficult to communicate, receive, complete and invoice for sale. Errors made during late changes to orders and duplicated manual entries are inefficient and expensive.

SOM is an easy-to-use solution to these problems. One point of entry goes multiple ways, to the weigh scales as a production order, to the scan/pack stations to collate a load or to warehouse to pick a load and ensure correct products and quantities are assembled on radio frequency hand-held scanners.

Designed specifically for the meat processing industry, SOM is able to record and invoice based on dozens of fields beyond quantity and count, including serial number, date range, batch identification, etc.

The tool integrates systems such as third party accounting or export documentation software and other Triton modules to streamline sales order processing, and reduces errors made by late changes to orders and duplicated manual entries.

The module can be configured to specific plant needs to make order entry and processing as fast and streamlined as possible. It is versatile and extensive, providing the information you need, when you need it. It logs complete history per client and provides real time understanding and control of order receipts. Product pricing can be managed generically, or by customer.




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