Triton Industrial Workstations

Triton Industrial Workstations are all-in-one, stainless steel touch screen terminals whose rugged construction is well-suited to the harsh environments required for food and meat processing.

Thanks to our 30+ years of food processing experience, we’re able to design hardware that minimises downtime and meets the specific demands of processing plants. Our workstations feature stainless steel enclosures, are resistant to water, steam and grease, and their small footprints make them ideal devices for space-strapped facilities.

We guarantee repairs and upgrades which ensures your device is not superseded within years or months of purchase.

The Triton family of workstations include the T12 (12” widescreen) and T20 (20” widescreen) and T24 (24” widescreen) units, both with TFT LCD and solid state HDD. 




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