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Barcode Scanners

Whatever the industry you are in, Triton has the right barcode scanning and imaging scanning technology for your organisation.  We have a huge range of label scanners from fixed to mobile scanners, rugged barcode scanners for harsh environments, and mobile terminals for mobile intelligence.  Within these categories, there are selections for 1D and 2D barcode scanners, and for all different environments to best suit your needs. Complementing this range are additional products for fixed imaging and sensors to cater for manufacturing traceability and validation.

Mobile Terminals

Utilising a Mobile Barcode Scanning Terminal either in-hand or attached to a forklift or other vehicle, employees can access a vast range of pertinent information, applications as well as individuals they require to do their job. The outcome? Enhanced effectiveness through mobility, getting the job done more effectively in less time.

Application Examples

General Barcode Scanners

General Barcode Scanners

General-purpose barcode scanners help employees streamline reading multiple barcodes at once, enabling them to work faster and far more efficiently.  Any task from retail point of sale, to backroom inventory is greatly enhanced utilising this category of barcode scanners.

Application Examples

Rugged Barcode Scanners

Rugged Barcode Scanners are scanners that typically have the same features as General Barcode Scanners, but with added design characteristics of resilience and toughness. Dirty, dusty, moist and wet conditions can naturally hinder a scanner’s life-span, and consequently, your financial investment. Many Rugged Scanners withstand dust and moisture, as well as offer much better impact resistance, enabling workers to capture and access information and data in practically any harsh environment.

Application Examples

Fixed Imaging Scanners & Sensors

Fixed Imaging Scanners & Sensors

Item traceability and anti-counterfeiting remedies call for dependable automated identification products. At Triton, we provide image-based 1D as well as 2D code scanners in addition to a variety of sensing units. Integrated interfaces make it possible for our range of fixed imaging scanners & sensors to communicate inside industrial networks. With demonstrated cutting-edge technology with our hand-selected products, it makes installing & commissioning as well as operation easy.

Application Examples

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Triton commenced operations in Australia back in 1993, and we have staff representation on the East Coast and Western Australia. Our customers are well represented in major centres such as Hobart, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide. In addition, we have a huge customer base in rural and remote areas from coast to coast. No place is too far or too remote for us!

New Zealand

Triton has origins back to the mid-eighties in New Zealand for our range of integrated software and hardware solutions. We have a large customer base in major centres like Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and a huge number of customers in rural and remote areas. We service our customers from our Auckland and Christchurch offices and a satellite office in rural Otago.

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