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Print and Apply Applicator

Print and Apply Applicator Variations

  • Tamp
  • Tamp/Blow
  • Swing Tamp
  • Twin Tamp


Triton’s automatic Print & Apply (P&A) System options, print onto pressure-sensitive labels then automatically apply to items or products. Print and Apply Printer Applicators differ from Label Applicators which apply pre-printed pressure-sensitive labels only.

Print and apply labels can be thermal direct or thermal transfer: thermal direct labels are thermally sensitive, while thermal transfer labels use ribbons to transfer the ink onto the labels. We seek to understand your print apply application needs and then recommend the right type of solution for your business.

Triton’s Print and Apply systems utilise various means of applying labels to suit the shape and surface of the item being labelled. These are summarised as:

  • Tamp is the most popular means of label application for pack, outer case or pallet e.g. retail tray or end panel of meat carton. A brush or roller is often used after the tamp to ensure the label is fully adhered to the surface. 
  • Tamp/Blow is often used on curved or inconsistent height surfaces allowing the label to adhere to the non-even surface e.g. mounted overhead to apply a liner label on an open meat carton.
  • Swing Tamp where labelling the trailing or leading edge of a carton.
  • Twin Tamp where labelling adjacent sides of a carton e.g. side and end panel.


Most leading Print and Apply solutions support many different print engine’s such as Datamax, Sato and Zebra. The key here is ensuring your software solution provider supports the print engine chosen. 

You can rest assured that Triton understand what’s required in your application and will propose the right print & apply solution for your needs.


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Triton commenced operations in Australia back in 1993, and we have staff representation on the East Coast and Western Australia. Our customers are well represented in major centres such as Hobart, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide. In addition, we have a huge customer base in rural and remote areas from coast to coast. No place is too far or too remote for us!

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Triton has origins back to the mid-eighties in New Zealand for our range of integrated software and hardware solutions. We have a large customer base in major centres like Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and a huge number of customers in rural and remote areas. We service our customers from our Auckland and Christchurch offices and a satellite office in rural Otago.

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