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Thermal Carton Labels

Thermal Die Cut Carton Labels

Triton has a range of Thermal Die Cut Carton Labels in stock for applications, including barcode labels for food, meat, fish and poultry.

Top Security & Durability

Thermal Carton Labels are made to export requirements with security cuts in each corner making it impossible to remove the complete label once the adhesive has taken to the substrate. An extra layer of UV Varnish is often utilised on Thermal Carton Labels to provide extra protection from moisture where cartons are blast frozen.

Adhesive Performance

The adhesive features excellent performance on a wide variety of substrates, including apolar, textured HDPE, recycled corrugated cardboard, slightly rough, curved and difficult substrates. It is suitable for use in chilled or processing rooms and provides some moisture resistance after applying on a dry surface. Importantly it is safe to use on packaging of food products where FDA 175.105 is required.

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Triton commenced operations in Australia back in 1993, and we have staff representation on the East Coast and Western Australia. Our customers are well represented in major centres such as Hobart, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide. In addition, we have a huge customer base in rural and remote areas from coast to coast. No place is too far or too remote for us!

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Triton has origins back to the mid-eighties in New Zealand for our range of integrated software and hardware solutions. We have a large customer base in major centres like Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and a huge number of customers in rural and remote areas. We service our customers from our Auckland and Christchurch offices and a satellite office in rural Otago.

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