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Custom Hardware Solutions

With Triton, you are working with a Solutions Partner that has provided meat and food processors and manufacturers with successful turnkey hardware solutions for over 35 years.  We have worked in many industries such as meat, poultry, game, fish, fresh produce processors and more.

The Very Best Brands

Triton represents the very best brands of hardware and guarantee the highest levels of service and after sales support.  We know what works and doesn’t, through many years of delivering these exact same solutions to customers like you.  Click on the products below to learn more

Integrated Technology Solutions

Our hardware solutions can be incorporated into your manufacturing facility to integrate with almost any third party software platform and Manufacturing Execution Software. We’re proven at delivering projects and results and our solutions are designed to help improve your efficiency, productivity and traceability whilst ensuring your brand and name are protected at all times.

Weighing, Labelling, Inspection Systems

We help meat and food processors establish reliable systems for identifying, weighing, labelling, inspection, tracking and improving performance for all their meat and other food products in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Food Product Serialisation, and Traceability Systems

We have a deep understanding of product & carton serialisation, and traceability offering hardware solutions for customers to become more efficient to excel domestically or on the world stage.

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Areas We Service


Triton commenced operations in Australia back in 1993, and we have staff representation on the East Coast and Western Australia. Our customers are well represented in major centres such as Hobart, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide. In addition, we have a huge customer base in rural and remote areas from coast to coast. No place is too far or too remote for us!

New Zealand

Triton has origins back to the mid-eighties in New Zealand for our range of integrated software and hardware solutions. We have a large customer base in major centres like Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and a huge number of customers in rural and remote areas. We service our customers from our Auckland and Christchurch offices and a satellite office in rural Otago.

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