Automatic Weigh Label Systems

This flexible, intuitive module allows plants to set up a fully automated process that’s also precisely designed to catch products outside specification so managers and packers can resolve issues quickly.

Main Benefits
  • Provides high reliability with minimal maintenance
  • Allows major Increases in throughput production
  • Improves processing flows by improving ability to clear production peaks
  • Provides integration with multiple devices, e.g. X-ray, metal detector, carton erectors
  • Fast payback with decreasing dependency on shrinking labour pool


Triton’s Auto Weigh Label module is a labour saving solution that provides accurate product sorting, production validation and traceability in a fully customisable packing and labelling system.

It incorporates a range of belt and catch weighers which work with a separation conveyor to provide precise weight measures on the fly. The system offers accurate label print and consistent application, and auto rejection for weight and metal errors, all at high speeds.

The solution enables an operator-free weigh label process, either as a new installation or cost-effective upgrade to existing manual weigh label systems. Production throughput can be maintained or increased with less required space.

Our customers benefit from low capital outlay and a decreased dependency on a reducing labour pool, all fully backed by our 24/7 support team.

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