Productivity & Yield System

Helps boners and trimmers become accountable to target yield goals via real-time feedback that allows them to improve skills and significantly increase carcase yield

Main Benefits
  • Real-time reporting and comparison of actual yields, compared to target yields

  • Allows supervisors to monitor performance and act immediately on the data

  • Promotes self-management and self-improvement among boners and trimmers

  • Scalable solution to suit specific cuts, tables or rooms

  • Fast return on investment


PAYS™ provides monitoring and feedback to support the best job possible on the floor. It monitors real-time processor performance and yield, enabling maximized productivity and value per carcase. Easily-inserted into existing boning operations, the system measures, monitors and manages results as they happen. Boners and trimmers become accountable to a target yield range via live feedback, allowing them to improve skills and performance.

The goal to achieve higher yield and better value is constantly hindered by variations in the type of animal delivered for slaughter and a lack of consistency in the performance of boners and trimmers. Yield is often measured as the last activity in the boning room, when the label is applied to the last carton produced. By then, shifts have changed, the carcase is boned out, and it’s too late to recover that day’s waste.

Triton’s PAYS system solves this problem by precisely monitoring primal yield from every carcase processed and recording in real time the recovered weight and value of all primal cuts.

Managers can identify best boners and best trimmers and identify others which require improvement. Doing this in real time is key, as it allows supervisors to provide feedback immediately.

This promotes self-management and self-improvement among boners and trimmers, improving work force skills, and creating a positive work environment.
And with the ability to accurately measure plant performance in real time and act immediately on the data, processors now have the ability to continuously improve carcase yield.

PAYS allows you to provide real-time displays for boners and trimmers, and it fits existing boning rooms with minimal effect on process flows. The solution can be installed to monitor selected cuts, high value or high mass.

Combined with the Triton Advantage Program, the PAYS system requires no upfront capital, and potential for instant payback is achievable upon going live.

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