Pork Processing Software

Pork Processing Software for the Modern Pork Plant

As the pork industry continues to grow, more and more processing plants are seeking software solutions that will integrate with their current systems and provide features for expansion as they grow in size or change their operating procedures.

Many of these companies have been using manual processes for years or unintegrated systems, which makes it difficult to efficiently run a pork processing plant. Manual processes and separate software systems also make it harder to track data over time so you can see trends in your business. This means you’re sometimes spending money in places where it doesn’t need spending and you are making decisions base on inaccurate data.

Our software is designed specifically for the pork industry because we understand how important it is to integrate with existing systems and be able to expand when necessary. We also know how critical it is for information from each part of your facility to flow seamlessly into one central database where all concerned can access it easily—and get an accurate view of what’s happening at every stage of production throughout your entire operation.

Software Solutions for Pork Processors

Triton Pork Processing Software is the leading regional software designed to manage customers entire operation. With our specialist software modules including slaughter processing, carcase handling, packing and labelling, inventory, sales (and with many more software module options), this versatile solution can do it all. Fully optimised for Australian and New Zealand Pork Processors alike, Triton Pork Processing Software has everything customers need in one package, with local offices for sales and support spread throughout the region to truly serve the customer base.

Livestock Bookings for Pork Processors

With Triton livestock bookings and scheduling software as soon as livestock is available to buy, you can book it in – even several weeks before. Record the number of pigs, quantities, create lots and assign time slot and arrival date if needed. Manage livestock bookings across multi-site operations with a real-time view of the booking diary.

Lairage Management for Pork Abattoirs

The lairage management software from Triton is a digital management system that helps Pork Processors collect and process livestock information. Livestock passports are digitally captured, providing real-time data on the health of animals as they enter the abattoir where they are digitally managed with harsh environment tablets, or touchscreen PCs and scheduled for slaughter. The application also ensures all ear tags match with details and interfaces seamlessly to NAIT, NLIS.

Pork Kill Floor Software

With the Triton carcase track software module, you’ll be able to maintain complete traceability of your pork carcases throughout the slaughter process. With our grading software solutions, we can capture in real-time information about a specific Pork carcases health and vet inspection characteristics that will produce an internal or market-specific grade for a final carcase ticket.

Pork Carcase Management

Maintain your pork carcase stock and maintain traceability from finalised grading through to the boning room with automated options for carcase put away and unloading according to desired sequences and production requirements.

Pork Boning Room Entry

Triton’s Into Bone software solution is an important part of continued carcase tracking, maintaining carcase traceability throughout customers processing facilities. A cold starting carcase weight and cutting specification can be linked with boned output to track yield and overall boning room performance.  

Pork Meat Processing Software

Pack and Carton manager allows you to manage your entire pork boning room operation from a single application catering for pork species-specific variables

Sales & Inventory Software for the Pork Industry

The pork processing industry is highly competitive and many plants need to find ways of streamlining their back office and warehouse operations. Triton’s back-office and warehouse modules solutions automate many parts of your Pork Abattoir while giving frontline staff easy tools that allow them to manage daily tasks.

Software Overview

FUSION connects software modules into a central platform providing distributed control, real time business intelligence, advanced integrated reporting, traceability and much more. Single and multi-sites are connected with ease and accessed from any internet ready device for the ultimate integrated solution.


The software modules within Primary Processing streamline all things related to agricultural management and processing. Features include but not limited to meat, seafood and produce purchasing, receivals management, defect reporting, grading, producer feedback and payments and much more.


With software solutions for all Food Processors the modules within Secondary Processing cater for production of finished goods, labelling, yield reporting, export requirements, validation of finished product, automation and much more.

These software solutions help meat and food processors more effectively manage sales and inventory in highly dynamic markets. Designed specifically for the food processing industry, the software modules pull data from dozens of fields to streamline sales and inventory management and support better customer satisfaction.

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