Livestock Payments

Manage livestock purchase and payment cycles, while automatically factoring in all the variables required to accurately remunerate suppliers and invoice for service kill fees. Livestock Payments conveniently centralises payments from one location and eliminates the need to manually collate info from multiple sources.

Main Benefits
  • Manage your livestock purchasing and payments from one convenient, central location

  • Powerful scheduling and tracking ensures your livestock supplies are always available

  • Centralises management of lot costing, region/supplier grade scores, pelts/skins, offal, farmer feedback and more

  • Manages multiple items including lot costing, region/supplier grade scores, pelts/skins, offal, farmer feedback

  • Simplifies remittance advice and invoices to suppliers for stock purchases and service kill fees


Livestock Payments allows easy creation and management of grids/schedules for over-the-hook stock purchases. This kind of centralised management also means you always know your: Stock Booked/ Scheduled to Arrive, Stock on Plant, Stock in Processing Service Kill, Stock in Processing Own Account, and Stock Available for Processing.

The module tracks a wide range of selection criteria including: category, sex, fat depth/score range, weight range and dentition range. It supports easier management of toll processing/service kill charges, credit meats retained for service kills and purchase mode settings for freight, hides and skins.

It also serves as a powerful scheduling and tracking tool to ensure easy management of your livestock supplies. Once configured, it automatically tracks the multiple items required for lot costing and farmer feedback. These include purchase type, agent/buyer commissions, region/supplier grade scores, pelts/skins, offal retained, credit meats retained.

The system makes it easy to send remittance advice and invoices to agents/suppliers for stock purchases and service kill fees. Remittance advice is passed as a buyer-created invoice and toll processing as an ordinary invoice to the plant accounting package

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