FUSION connects software modules together into one central platform where customers receive system wide real time business intelligence, distributed control, advanced integrated reporting, end to end traceability and much more. FUSION connects a single site or multiple sites and is accessible from any internet ready device.



  • Business management solution
  • Central platform for access and control for Triton and non-Triton modules
  • Dashboards, advanced multi module reporting, traceability, real time business intelligence
  • Centralised management of production, inventory, sales
  • Integrate to ERP, Accounting and other third party platforms

FUSION is Triton’s central business intelligence and control platform that has been designed from the ground up to fuse Triton’s processing modules and data together. With challenges arising from a variety of sources such as the need to combine data from multiple parts of operations, requirements for end to end traceability, multiple sites, offsite storage, and big data analysis, it has meant that centralised intelligence and control is often required. FUSION has been borne out of these needs and provides a single point of access and control to processing systems and brings together multiple software modules from a single site, to multiple sites, into one easy accessible application.

FUSION supports many centralised control functions (e.g. specifications, orders, group inventory and production, and more) in a modern, accessible suite that communicates to distributed plant production systems. Utilising the latest web technology (HTML5), FUSION is accessible enterprise wide from production plants, other company offices, or offsite; and from workstations, tablets or smartphones.

FUSION makes data more accessible and presented smarter in customised, graphical forms that provide advanced business intelligence. Our clients and their managers need real-time information at their finger-tips, on their smartphones, or on the plant floor, to remain in touch with what’s going on in their business. On top of this they require a flexible platform that allows customisable and unique presentation of data, specific to their needs. These are all FUSION’s greatest strengths.

With simple, accessible licencing options FUSION is readily accessible for single site operators, through to large multi site enterprise customers.

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