Carcase Track

Carcase Track allows you to easily trace each animal back to its source and ensure precise traceability is maintained throughout the plant. Though it works with all stock sizes, the solution is ideally suited to small-stock plants, where high throughputs create special challenges for maintaining traceability.

Main Benefits
  • Provides accurate yield recovery analysis

  • Eliminates need for carcase tags, reducing consumable requirements

  • Allows boning room input and carcase load-out automation

  • Easily traces each animal back to its source via RFID or 2D enabled skid/gambrel

  • Creates greater efficiencies through automation of chillers and carcase handling
  • Reduces labour


Carcase Track captures all animal information gathered throughout the grading process and assigns a unique identification number that carries this information through to the boning room.

It provides accurate, detailed information on animal health and detain, enables chiller automation and management, with boning room input and carcase load-out automation. Tracking on fixed chains and the incorporation of RFID or 2D barcodes on skids means processors can easily automate carcase handling.

This reliable and affordable traceability tool employs either RFID tags and reader or robust metal 2D barcodes and readers.

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