Secondary Processing

Input raw materials into the production process relevant to any food processor, capture multiple characteristics to enable seamless input by production specification against recorded (labelled) outputs for production yield. Ensures product is labelled correctly for market and regulatory compliance. Advanced live boning and trimming real time yield for meat processors.

Secondary Processing

Into Bone captures carcase characteristics from the slaughter process. Details include unique identity, carcase grade characteristics and hot weight along with cold weight into the boning room, enabling you to automatically match boning specification to output and to maintain accurate traceability.

Main Benefits

  • Automates yield monitoring into the carton

  • Provides the starting weight (cold) and cutting specification link to boned output

  • Data captured allows monitoring and optimisation of chiller performance

  • Enables traceability of carcase into processing with time stamp and batch ID

  • Many modes of operation (scan/weigh, weigh, scan)

Into Bone captures the cold weight of carcasses into processing against a boning specification or run, providing the starting weight for yield calculations. Data is passed through to Carton Manager where yield reports by cutting specification, boning group or any other measure can be generated. Information also automatically flows to other modules to eliminate duplication of data, reduce human error and increase visibility of plant performance.

Into Bone also maintains complete traceability of carcasses. It captures all key carcase details to enable trace back to source, such as body number, date, grade and hot weight and these are added to the date, time and cold weight of the body when processed. This allows individual body traceability or batch traceability by time period.

The data captured allows monitoring of hot to cold shrink to ensure chillers are working at optimum levels.

Helps boners and trimmers become accountable to target yield goals via real-time feedback that allows them to improve skills and significantly increase carcase yield

Main Benefits

  • Real-time reporting and comparison of actual yields, compared to target yields

  • Allows supervisors to monitor performance and act immediately on the data

  • Promotes self-management and self-improvement among boners and trimmers

  • Scalable solution to suit specific cuts, tables or rooms

  • Fast return on investment

PAYS™ provides monitoring and feedback to support the best job possible on the floor. It monitors real-time processor performance and yield, enabling maximized productivity and value per carcase. Easily-inserted into existing boning operations, the system measures, monitors and manages results as they happen. Boners and trimmers become accountable to a target yield range via live feedback, allowing them to improve skills and performance.

The goal to achieve higher yield and better value is constantly hindered by variations in the type of animal delivered for slaughter and a lack of consistency in the performance of boners and trimmers. Yield is often measured as the last activity in the boning room, when the label is applied to the last carton produced. By then, shifts have changed, the carcase is boned out, and it’s too late to recover that day’s waste.

Triton’s PAYS system solves this problem by precisely monitoring primal yield from every carcase processed and recording in real time the recovered weight and value of all primal cuts.

Managers can identify best boners and best trimmers and identify others which require improvement. Doing this in real time is key, as it allows supervisors to provide feedback immediately.

This promotes self-management and self-improvement among boners and trimmers, improving work force skills, and creating a positive work environment.
And with the ability to accurately measure plant performance in real time and act immediately on the data, processors now have the ability to continuously improve carcase yield.

PAYS allows you to provide real-time displays for boners and trimmers, and it fits existing boning rooms with minimal effect on process flows. The solution can be installed to monitor selected cuts, high value or high mass.

Combined with the Triton Advantage Program, the PAYS system requires no upfront capital, and potential for instant payback is achievable upon going live.

Pack and Carton Manager records and labels cuts, bulk cartons, catch weight cartons and bulk bins, supporting all market and regulatory requirements of retail, food service and export markets. Supplied to fit your specific plant requirements, it can be easily modified as needs change and your business grows, protecting your investment.

Main Benefits

  • Centrally controlled production and quality assurance production system

  • Fulfils all weigh label and recording requirements

  • Fully customisable workstations

Carton Manager covers all production weigh label and recording requirements in one powerful solution. It improves production floor efficiency through fully customisable workstations and options.

The tool empowers Triton customers to centrally control their production and quality assurance, while increasing efficiency on the production floor. It offers multiple order management modes, and domestic and export ready label design, both for export and retail.

Triton’s stability features allow Carton Manager’s networked terminals to operate both independently and cooperatively, with multiple layers of redundancy. If servers or plant IT systems fail, processing can continue for weeks, with the module and hardware working together as a standalone system.

This flexible, intuitive module allows plants to set up a fully automated process that’s also precisely designed to catch products outside specification so managers and packers can resolve issues quickly.
  • Provides high reliability with minimal maintenance
  • Allows major Increases in throughput production
  • Improves processing flows by improving ability to clear production peaks
  • Provides integration with multiple devices, e.g. X-ray, metal detector, carton erectors
  • Fast payback with decreasing dependency on shrinking labour pool

Triton’s Auto Weigh Label module is a labour saving solution that provides accurate product sorting, production validation and traceability in a fully customisable packing and labelling system.

It incorporates a range of belt and catch weighers which work with a separation conveyor to provide precise weight measures on the fly. The system offers accurate label print and consistent application, and auto rejection for weight and metal errors, all at high speeds.

The solution enables an operator-free weigh label process, either as a new installation or cost-effective upgrade to existing manual weigh label systems. Production throughput can be maintained or increased with less required space.

Our customers benefit from low capital outlay and a decreased dependency on a reducing labour pool, all fully backed by our 24/7 support team.

Validation Manager controls the path and validation of every carton at every step as it leaves the packing area. Destination Manager reads the product code to direct the carton along the conveyor to sort cartons onto the correct conveyor line or into freezer.

Main Benefits

  • Reduces claims for wrong product

  • Ensures only genuine cartons are in the inventory system

  • Carton value is maintained thanks to accurate sorting and storing

  • Products are compacted appropriately and reach correct put-away destinations

Validation Manager and Destination Manager work together to ensure the right product in the right packaging reaches the right destination.

By implementing a successful validation/diversion process, users can improve productivity, reduce recalls and customer complaints while also reducing the burdensome process of investigations.

Validation Manager ensures cartons pass through all required check points, and that each finished carton is unique and has a readable barcode and the correct label and lid. It ensures that accurate foreign matter and fat analysis screening is complete, and that product reaches its correct destination.

It matches the carton label against the pre-identification label to validate the transaction, so that only known “good” cartons are sent to stores. This reduces wrong product claims and inventory issues from cartons being counted more than once.

Destination Manger controls the path of every carton in the boning room at every step. A simple pre ID barcode on every box read at critical points along the packing process can direct cartons to a desired process, such as a metal detector or chemical lean determinant process. A validated carton label allows Destination Manager to continue to guide the carton right up to the put-away point.

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