Meat Processing Software

Input raw materials into the production process relevant to any food processor, capture multiple characteristics to enable seamless input by production specification against recorded (labelled) outputs for production yield. Ensures product is labelled correctly for market and regulatory compliance. Advanced live boning and trimming real time yield for meat processors.

Secondary Processing Software by Triton

Market-leading software by Triton developed for Meat Processors

Managing carcase characteristic inputs, production scheduling and monitoring, yield monitoring, tracking and reviewing costs and profit margins. These are a selection of the numerous complex areas meat processing operations face in an environment of razor-thin margins. To succeed they need meat processing software solutions to manage their operations and provide real-time business intelligence for decision making success and reducing costs.

Since 1984, Triton has been an industry leader in understanding customers meat software needs providing high-level process solutions for meat industry operations, right down to managing the granular details of carcase inputs, production planning, forecasting, cut specifications, and forward and back traceability.

History of Triton & Meat Processing

Triton’s meat processing software is modular and adaptable to multiple food industry operations. The software initially began as an application back in the mid 1980’s for boning rooms and carcase management. Since then Triton has continually developed and improved the processing software and significantly expanded the capabilities to handle customer meat processing operations from door to door.

Food MES Software

Production planning, monitoring, and integration to business systems.  Sitting above the meat processing software modules is Triton’s FUSION food MES software which integrates data together linking to the other areas of the meat processing operation. FUSION MES provides a single point of access and control to food software systems, bringing together multiple modules from single and even multiple sites with ease. The FUSION MES user client is one software application readily accessible on PC, smartphone and tablet providing meat processors with an integrated software solution.

Taking Care of Boning Room Operations

Triton’s Secondary Processing software is a suite of modules for meat processing operations handling their entire on floor and off floor processing needs. Each software module is selected by customers depending on their industry needs.

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