Into Bone

Into Bone captures carcase characteristics from the slaughter process. Details include unique identity, carcase grade characteristics and hot weight along with cold weight into the boning room, enabling you to automatically match boning specification to output and to maintain accurate traceability.

Main Benefits
  • Automates yield monitoring into the carton

  • Provides the starting weight (cold) and cutting specification link to boned output

  • Data captured allows monitoring and optimisation of chiller performance

  • Enables traceability of carcase into processing with time stamp and batch ID

  • Many modes of operation (scan/weigh, weigh, scan)


Into Bone captures the cold weight of carcasses into processing against a boning specification or run, providing the starting weight for yield calculations. Data is passed through to Carton Manager where yield reports by cutting specification, boning group or any other measure can be generated. Information also automatically flows to other modules to eliminate duplication of data, reduce human error and increase visibility of plant performance.

Into Bone also maintains complete traceability of carcasses. It captures all key carcase details to enable trace back to source, such as body number, date, grade and hot weight and these are added to the date, time and cold weight of the body when processed. This allows individual body traceability or batch traceability by time period.

The data captured allows monitoring of hot to cold shrink to ensure chillers are working at optimum levels.

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