Automatic Weigh Label Solutions

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How Triton Automated Weigh Label Solutions Save our Customers Time and Money.

Did you know that our meat processing customers who implement our automated carton weigh and label solutions (also applicable for almost all other food processing applications!) typically get their money back in 18 months or less? 


That’s a bold claim, so let me explain. 


Automated Label Applicator

Manual Labour Replacement

Firstly there is Manual labour replacement. Generally, we immediately replace anywhere between 1 and 4 staff. The automated weighing and labelling solution replaces staff that traditionally complete the manual weighing and packing tasks at the manual stations.

Pretty obvious right? But there's more.

Manual Packing Equipment Replacement

The manual pack stations themselves are no longer needed, so touchscreen PC's, printers, frames, software licenses and more become excess to your needs. They can be used as spare parts or redistributed to other places in the operation.

Sounding better? Well, there's more.

Increased Carton Speed & Label Accuracy

Our carton throughput generally produces speeds of 25+ cartons per minute with label placement accuracy of +/- 2mm variance.

Smart Integrations

When utilising the Triton Meat & Food Processing Software, we can integrate to other machines and smarten the process considerably. For example, we can accept or reject the carton on several factors such as weight, label validation, and even integration to CL machines to accept or reject cartons based on fat scores.

Summing Up

To summerise when you implement one of our automated carton weighing and labelling solutions, not only do you get a fast payback, but you get a huge range of other benefits.

The solution not only applies to meat processing but can be applied to a range of other industries such as Fish, Dairy, Poultry, basically anything involving the automated packing of food cartons.

Below are some great videos of our solution in action.

Contact us here for a free consultation on how we can assist you in automating traditional labour-intensive weighing and labelling processes, or visit the product page for our Automated Carton Weigh Label Systems in your store.


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