Country of Origin Labelling Has Commenced

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The Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) for food commenced July 1st 2018 to give Australian consumers clearer information about where their food comes from. The public have been confused about country of origin labelling for a long time and have been calling for labels to be clearer and more meaningful. Many consumers are interested in not just where something was made or packed, but also how much of the food was grown in Australia.

Under the changes, it is mandatory for most food grown, produced or made in Australia to carry a familiar kangaroo symbol and a bar chart with accompanying text that shows the proportion of Australian ingredients. The rules are also made clearer around when food can carry a ‘Made in’ or ‘Packed in’ statement. For priority foods like meat and further processed products this information must be displayed in a clearly defined box on the label.

Triton’s Pack and Carton Labelling Solution caters for such variety quite simply. We have developed for our clients a standard set of graphics and against each product specification the graphic name is assigned detailing the percentage of the item grown in Australia. The specification also allows for free typing the description categories required beside or under the logo.
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