Inventory & Sales

Manages single and multi site inventory specifically for the food industry. Sales integration allows ease and efficiency in the creation and processing of sales orders throughout all departments and eliminates data entry duplication.

Inventory & Sales Software from Triton

Triton inventory and sales software seamlessly integrates off floor systems together into cohesive, paperless workflows and transactions. A dynamic, intuitive interface provides the ability to execute complex inventory decisions and purchasing processes as well as manage sales and customer relations. The flexible solution also offers a powerful real-time view of inventory levels, order status and utilisation – giving you a complete perspective on your business.

Triton Food Processing customers rely on this application suite to help them run leaner, smarter and more efficient businesses. Our software is tailored to meet the unique needs of food processing operations with comprehensive tools for production and purchasing decisions, sales and inventory management.

Our suite of applications also includes integration to our on floor systems, allowing food processing operations to operate seamlessly from door to door.

Inventory & Sales Software Modules

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