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Production Planning in FUSION has come along in leaps and bounds and is continually expanding in its functionality.

Stage one focussed on providing alerts to the person recording carcasses into the room and giving them the ability to identify primal cutting changes on each of the primal groups (i.e. bone in leg rather than boneless) within a cutting plan.

Stage two provides the carcasses in the chiller by boning group and by selecting an intended cutting plan (and yield) predicts the likely output from these carcasses showing which orders are filled/unfilled against finished goods inventory. The dynamic display helps production planners ensure they use the optimum cut plan to ensure profit, yield and customer priorities around delivery times are provided to the business.

A planning, action and review function allows organisations to ensure livestock managers source the right type and quantity of livestock to meet current and forward orders.

If you are interested to find out how FUSION can assist with your production planning needs please contact the Customer Solutions Team on:
Australia 1300 558 438 – Option 3
New Zealand 03 3483 973 – Option 3

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