Season's Greetings 2019 from Triton's CEO

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2019 has been an extraordinary year for Australian and New Zealand meat exports.

With weather conditions (more so in Australia), unprecedented international demand and a low Australian and New Zealand dollar, the conditions have been ripe for exporters to improve returns. China has been the major mover, seen for a long time as the “big future market”, China looks destined in December if numbers continue as they have, to finish the year the largest export destination of beef. They already are our largest export destination for Lamb and Mutton. That said ensuring a spread of clients and markets and minimising exposure to one market would seem the best approach as we all know that this industry experiences lots of change.

Internally our FUSION solution has been successfully rolled out to new and existing clients during the year and is fast becoming the cornerstone of our software suite. For customers on subscription or maintenance there is very little cost to get started as the first few licences are free and even the deployment is done remotely – we have made it a “no brainer” decision!

Triton is finalising some large internal solution initiatives as well in early 2020. We are launching a comprehensive online store for hardware, consumables and labels. We spent a large portion of 2019 developing the new website (click here to view) and platform for the store to operate from. As part of this we are rolling out a new business management system which includes a unified service desk platform, meaning we can manage customer support more efficiently with support tickets, customer portal, online chat support and a range of other features. This integrates with our CRM, Inventory and Billing systems.

All in all it has been a busy year for the Triton team and there is much planned for 2020.

Myself and the team wish you and your families all the best for the festive season and sincerely wish you all the best for the year, and next decade ahead!



Michael Burke
CEO Triton Commercial Systems

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