Season's Greetings from Triton's CEO

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2018 has been another busy year for the Triton team and our valued clients. Challenges continue to confront the industry but it’s resiliency continues to shine through. From drought, lack of high quality livestock, disease, record livestock prices, rapidly increasing input costs and a lack of skills or available labour, the processing industry continues to work through the best ways of overcoming such obstacles when confronted.

The New Zealand outbreak of Mycoplasma Bovis is one such example where traceability systems needed stronger re-enforcement. Triton has developed an automated end-to-end solution in FUSION to provide traceability for determining Carcass to Carton, Carton to Carcass, and Carton to Loadout traceability, forward and reverse linkages at your fingertips!

Triton continues to innovate through automation and ensuring our platforms aggregate group data, making it available in real-time that is easily accessible in hosted platforms. Our focus has moved from aggregation and centralisation of data to focussing on outputs or means of best using the data and presenting it in meaningful ways that enable more efficient and timely decision making around profit and optimisation of livestock to orders and markets.  This is best illustrated by our work in sortation of carcasses and ensuring the optimum grades are used for the required boning runs.

Our Production Planning and Scheduling functionality is along similar lines, matching pre-allocated cut plans to the orders on hand and sending these to the boning room carton weigh label stations in priorities that allow orders to be filled and the balance of production to be produced to inventory that best maximise value of the carcase.

Thanks for your support through 2018 and we look forward to advancing your operations and ensuring they progress and utilise the very best means of running your processing operations into 2019 and beyond.

Merry Christmas and from the Triton team we wish you and your families a wonderful festive season.


Michael Burke
CEO Triton Commercial Systems

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